Surprise Roofing Repair And Maintenance

Affordable Roofing ServiceDid you know that we are running out of precious natural resources? What can we do? We can all work together reduce the use of these resources by installing a green roof.  Green roofing not only protects the environment but save energy and money. If you would like to reduce your heating and cooling costs you may want to consider reflective roofing. This type of roof cools down the home by reflecting heat from the sun away from the building. Surprise roofing company believes in doing our part to save our precious resources and educate our customers on the benefits of green roofing.

Integrated Solar Roofs

Integrated Solar Roofs | Roofing Surprise CAThere are several green roofing options available. PV roofing uses the sun to store heat which can be used later. Solar panels produce electricity and power batteries that will run appliances inside the office or home. If you would like to beautify your home you may want to consider Vegetative roofing. It looks spectacular and will decrease water run-off that can damage your home. The soil absorbs most of the water from rain and melting snow. The rest of the water is directed into gutters.

Types Of Roofs

Butterfly RoofGable RoofIt is important for our clients to become knowledgeable on the different materials we use to cover your roof. This will help you in choose a roof covering that is right for you. Surprise roofing installs tile, asphalt, cedar shake, tile, slate, metal, and flat roofing in addition to “green” roofing.